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Bathroom Safety

Bathroom Comfort & Safety

Your bathroom can be a sanctuary of hot baths, rejuvenation, and personal space. It can also be one of the most common places in the home for an accident to occur. Standard towel bars are insufficient to grab and hold onto when someone is unstable. Navigating and balancing on slippery wet...

Sanspa Walk In Bath Tub Available at The Comfort Zone Mobility Aids & Spas

A walk in bath tub can make bathtime much easier for the user and caregivers too. So many accidents happen in bathrooms, but often they can be avoided through use of the right equipment.
The Comfort Zone's qualified staff will come to your home, assess your space, and give you a free no...

Bather using a Molly Bather bath lift

A bath lift is a moderately inexpensive way of allowing a bather to comfortably and safely transfer into their bath and lower themselves in for a nice hot soak!
There are many different versions of bath lifts but all do the same thing. You side on the side of your tub, slide across onto...

floor to ceiling pole

Floor to ceiling poles may be used throughout your house like next to your favorite chair, or beside your bed, but they can also be forund in the bathroom. Placed betweenthe toilet and tub they make an easy transition from and to both areas. There are options available on some models such as a...