Port Alberni

Bathroom Comfort & Safety

Your bathroom can be a sanctuary of hot baths, rejuvenation, and personal space. It can also be one of the most common places in the home for an accident to occur. Standard towel bars are insufficient to grab and hold onto when someone is unstable. Navigating and balancing on slippery wet surfaces can be dangerous & stressful. Even lowering and raising oneself onto a toilet when mobility is minimal or weakened can be an unnecessary struggle. With just a few helpful devices in place that danger zone can once again be your oasis.
We offer a large variety of really practical products that will increase safety and promote comfort in your bathroom once again. From clamp on tub bars, to bath lifts & walk in tubs, or floor to ceiling poles, raised toilet seats & toilet safety rails. How about a shower chair, a  non slip bath mat, & grab bars with knurling for a solid grip in an assortment of lengths and configurations. 
We also offer free in home estimates, and provide installation service for any of the products we sell. Call us today to find out how we can help improve your bathroom comfort & safety.